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Update asset descriptor(you can change only owner so far)

URL: http:://


"id": 0,
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "update_asset",
"params": {
"asset_descriptor": {
"current_supply": 500000000000000000,
"decimal_point": 12,
"full_name": "Zano wrapped USD",
"hidden_supply": false,
"meta_info": "Stable and private",
"owner": "f74bb56a5b4fa562e679ccaadd697463498a66de4f1760b2cd40f11c3a00a7a8",
"ticker": "ZUSD",
"total_max_supply": 1000000000000000000
"asset_id": "40fa6db923728b38962718c61b4dc3af1acaa1967479c73703e260dc3609c58d"

Request description:

    "asset_descriptor": Descriptor that holds all information about asset that need to be updated (only owner could be updated)
"current_supply": Currently emitted supply for given asset (ignored for REGISTER operation)
"decimal_point": Decimal point
"full_name": Full name of the asset
"hidden_supply": This one reserved for future use, will be documented later
"meta_info": Any other information assetiaded with asset in a free form
"owner": Owner's key, used only for EMIT and UPDATE validation, could be changed by transferring asset ownership
"ticker": Ticker associated with asset
"total_max_supply": Maximum possible supply for given asset, can't be changed after deployment
"asset_id": Id of the asset to update


"id": 0,
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"result_tx": "f74bb56a5b4fa562e679ccaadd697463498a66de4f1760b2cd40f11c3a00a7a8"

Response description:

    "result_tx": Id of transaction that carries asset registration command, asset would be registered as soon as transaction got confirmed