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Creates a transaction and broadcasts it to the network


If you use multiple addresses in destinations field, make sure there are maximum 1 integrated address involved, or, if "payment id" parameter was specified, then integrated addresses are not allowed.

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": 0,
"method": "transfer",
"params": {
"destinations": "",
"fee": 0,
"mixin": 10,
"payment_id": "",
"comment": ""

Request parameters

  • destinations - list of transfer_destination objects (see below); list of recipients with corresponding amount of coins for each.
  • fee - transaction fee in atomic units. Minimum: 10^10 atomic units.
  • mixin - number of foreign outputs to be mixed in with each input. Increases untraceability. Specify zero for direct and traceable transfers.
  • payment_id - hex-encoded payment id. Can be empty if payment ID is not required for this transfer.
  • comment - text commentary which follow the transaction in encrypted form and is visible only to the sender and the receiver.


"id": "0",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"tx_hash": "b329cce92a23fdaf89a5ad907ca9c4c1fbd052b79ec8414438533c83b39afc2b",
"tx_unsigned_hex": ""

Response information

  • tx_hash - string; hash identifier of the transaction that was successfully sent.
  • tx_unsigned_hex - string; hex-encoded unsigned transaction (for watch-only wallets; to be used in cold-signing process).