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Gets list of incoming transfers by a given multiple payment_ids

URL: http:://


"id": 0,
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "get_bulk_payments",
"params": {
"allow_locked_transactions": false,
"min_block_height": 0,
"payment_ids": ["1dfe5a88ff9effb3","1dfe5a88ff9effb3"]

Request description:

    "allow_locked_transactions": Says to wallet if locked transfers should be included or not (false is strongly recomennded)
"min_block_height": Minimal block height to consider
"payment_ids": Payment ids that is used to identify transfers


"id": 0,
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"payments": [{
"amount": 100000000000,
"block_height": 12321,
"payment_id": "1dfe5a88ff9effb3",
"tx_hash": "01220e8304d46b940a86e383d55ca5887b34f158a7365bbcdd17c5a305814a93",
"unlock_time": 0

Response description:

    "payments": Array of payments that connected to given payment_id
"amount": Amount of native coins transfered
"block_height": Block height that holds transaction
"payment_id": Payment id that related to this payment
"tx_hash": Transaction ID that is holding this payment
"unlock_time": Timestamp/blocknumber after which this money would become availabe, recommended don't count transfers that has this field not 0