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Confidential Assets are privacy tokens with all the features of native Zano coin


Currently asset creation is only supported on Zano Testnet and will be brought to mainnet with upcoming Zarcanum hardfork

Confidential Assets Commands are availabe trough CLI interface (simplewallet)

Asset Methods

Full list of supported commands available in the Methods section. Assets can be created, minted, burned, whitelisted and updated (only metadata)

Asset Creation Example

To deploy a new asset on the Zano blockchain, you need to prepare a JSON-formatted file with asset parameters. Here’s an example:

"ticker": "CT",
"full_name": "Confidential token",
"total_max_supply": 100000000000000000,
"current_supply": 1000000000000000,
"decimal_point": 12,
"meta_info": ""

Then run the following command specifying the route to the file:

deploy_new_asset <asset specs file location>

You should see a confirmation message upon successful execution

alt launch-asset-confirmation-message