Gets list of incoming transfers by a given payment ID.

in — list of wallet_transfer_info objects for incoming transactions;
out — list of wallet_transfer_info objects for outgoing transactions;
pool — list of wallet_transfer_info objects for unconfirmed transactions from tx pool;

wallet_transfer_info object fields:

  • amount — integer; amount of coins in atomic units;
  • comment — string; an optional comment set by the sender;
  • fee — integer; transaction fee in atomic units;
  • height — integer; height of the block containing corresponding transaction;
  • is_income — Boolean; true if this is incoming transfer;
  • is_mining — Boolean; true if this is a miner (i.e. coinbase) tx;
  • is_mixing — Boolean; true if this tx is using mixins;
  • is_service — Boolean; true if this is a special service tx, not a normal one;
  • payment_id — string; (optional) hex-encoded payment identifier;
  • show_sender — Boolean; true if sender address info is present;
  • remote_addresses — list of strings; (optional) sender address(es);
  • recipients_aliases — list of strings; (optional) used aliases of the recipient;
  • td — a wallet_transfer_info_details object;
  • timestamp — integer; Unix timestamp when the tx was received;
  • tx_hash — string; transaction’s hash.
  • unlock_time — unsigned int; if nonzero — unix timestamp since then this transfer’s coins can be spent. If it is less than 500000000, the value is treated as a minimum block height at which this transfer’s coin can be spent.

wallet_transfer_info_details object fields:

  • rcv — list of integers; received amounts in atomic units;
  • spn — list of integers; spent amounts in atomic units;