Marketplace offer structure and description

Offer's JSON structure and fields description

Here is a typical offer, that can be pushed to the Zano blockchain-based marketplace.
The structure of the offer is quite flexible, it's defined in JSON text format with this very shorten names of the fields, and kept gzipped inside transaction attachment, to safe space. Offers not stay forever in blockchain, since it would be a waste of space, after transactions, which carry offers, will pass the checkpoints, it will be pruned, same way as signatures get pruned from tx.

  "ap": "20",
  "at": "1",
  "cat": "CLS:MAN:TSH",
  "cnt": "Skype: some_skype, discord: some_user#01012",
  "com": "Some nice comments about tshirt",
  "do": "Additional conditions",
  "et": 10,
  "fee": 10000000000,
  "lci": "",
  "lco": "World Wide",
  "ot": 1,
  "pt": "Credit cards, BTC, ZANO, ETH",
  "t": "T-shirt with Zano logo, made by Crypjunkie"

Fields description:

  • ot - Offer type, 0 - buy currency for Zano, 1 - buy Zano for currency, 2 - buy goods for Zano, 3 - sell goods for Zano
  • ap - the amount of the currency specified for use in this offer
  • at - the amount of the items to be sold/bought
  • cat - Category of the goods, could be specified with subcategories by separation CLS:MAN:TSH, which could mean Clothes->Man->Tshirts
  • cnt - Contacts, like skype, discord, telegram, whatever
  • com - Comments regarding this offer
  • do - Additional conditions, if need to specify
  • et - Expiration time, set in days, eg 5 - expire in 5 days after creation
  • fee - Obviously fee paid for this transaction with the offer, it can be default offer, but the higher fee may bring offers to be higher in search results
  • lco - Location country, if this makes sense for an offer
  • lci - Location city, if the also make sense for an offer, could be google geo-autocomplete id, like ChIJD7fiBh9u5kcRYJSMaMOCCwQ
  • pt - Payment type, Credit cards, Crypto, Paypal, Flexa
  • t - Description for the goods/service which is selling/seeking