Return blocks details for a specified range of heights.

blocks — array of block_rpc_extended_info objects.

block_rpc_extended_info object fields:

  • actual_timestamp — unsigned int; timestamp for the moment of block creation (for PoW blocks equal to timestamp, for PoS they differ).
  • already_generated_coins — unsigned int; total number of coins generated, including this block.
  • base_reward — unsigned int; base reward for the block (equal to reward if there are no transactions except the miner tx).
  • pow_seed — some hex string .
  • block_cumulative_size — unsigned int; total size of block's transactions, in bytes. Miner tx is included in special cases.
  • cumulative_diff_adjusted — unsigned int; cumulative PoS or PoW difficulty for the block, adjusted by the sequence factor (number of same type blocks going sequentially one-by-one).
  • cumulative_diff_precise — unsigned int; precise cumulative PoS or PoW difficulty for the block.
  • difficulty — unsigned int; difficulty of the block.
  • effective_fee_median — unsigned int; median of transaction fees within a specific window used in calculations for this block.
  • height — unsigned int; block height.
  • id — string; block hash identifier.
  • is_orphan — boolean; orphan status for the block. False for normal blocks.
  • miner_text_info — string; undefined text inserted by miner when the block was mined.
  • object_in_json — string; JSON-serialized block object.
  • penalty — unsigned int; difference between summary_reward and base_reward.
  • prev_id — string; hash identifier of the previous block.
  • summary_reward — unsigned int; amount of coins this block has generated in miner tx.
  • this_block_fee_median — unsigned int; median fee among the transactions for this block.
  • timestamp — unsigned int; block timestamp (serves a special purpose for PoS blocks, which is why actual_timestamp should be used as actual block timestamp).
  • total_fee — unsigned int; sum of transaction fees in this block.
  • total_txs_size — unsigned int; total transaction size in this block (excluding the miner tx).
  • transactions_details — array of tx_rpc_extended_info objects (see below get_tx_details description).
  • type — unsigned int; 0 if this is PoS block, 1 if this is PoW block.