Description of HTLC support in Zano

Function atomics_redeem_htlc is performing actual redeem from HTLC, and it assumes that calling part is know the secret, used to create this HTLC.


  • tx_id - Identify transaction which carry needed HTLC, by this we basically identify HTLC itself. (Theoretically one transaction can carry more then 1 HTLC, but since this unlikely will ever be used, current implementation of the wallet assume it only one HTLC per tx, and we identify HTLC by carrying tx_id. This can be changed in future, if needed, without hardfork).
  • origin_secret_as_hex - Secret for HTLC, encoded in HEX. (sha256 supposed to be calculated from raw secret blob).


  • result_tx_blob - Created and broadcasted transaction in a hex encoded blob.
  • result_tx_id - Created and broadcasted transaction's ID.