Description of HTLC support in Zano

Function atomics_get_list_of_active_htlc return a list of active HTLC, that was detected or created by this wallet. HTLC considered as an active during period of lock_blocks_count that was specified for this HTLC.


  • income_redeem_only - Shows only incoming HTLCs, ie only those contracts which might be redeemed by this wallet.

Response is a list of structures with following fields:

  • counterparty_address - Address of the party created HTLC
  • sha256_hash - Hash of the HTLC, by default sha256
  • tx_id - ID of transaction carrying this HTLC(this ID needed for call of atomics_redeem_htlc)
  • amount - Amount being transfered by this HTLC
  • is_redeem - define, if this HTLC is incoming with respect to the current wallet