Description of HTLC support in Zano

When HTLC created in response to already created HTLC in the other blockchain, then counterpart supposed to reveal the secret by redeeming it's HTLC. Function atomics_check_htlc_redeemed needed for the wallet, which created HTLC with the given htlc_hash, without knowing it's secret. By calling this function, owner can figure out if the HTLC had been redeemed and secret revealed by counterpart.


  • htlc_tx_id - ID for transaction carrying HTLC.


  • origin_secrete_as_hex - Revealed origin secret, encoded in HEX. If this field is empty, then HTLC have not been redeemed yet.
  • redeem_tx_id - ID of transaction that redeem HTLC. Likely you won't need this field, put it here just in case.