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Zano wallet

Zano build 1.0.38

Please note, it contains an important fix, so @everyone is encouraged to update now!

[ + ] simplewallet: added a warning about running another wallet instance when --do-pos-mining is specified
[ ] gui: fixed few minor bugs in contracts, also made text and visual improvements
[ + ] gui: enabled auto-resume for staking
] gui: balance updated correctly when a user switches between wallets
[ ] core: fixed a major bug in alt block validation
] fixed a bug with macOS boost lib dependency

Windows binaries:

sha256: 08784bf4ff38e60aadb8b14fac27455f5b36f22cbb7e606b877b4b96a6cbe871
sha256: 3e0e21427e22d9da1296fc125a990bc602a574fd5164d42ed053727e01e52196

Linux binaries:[2b33261].tar.bz2
sha256: bd0a7a6eeb056e32b55534fbf8f6bc4abdb2944802df660fe583c4a3363c926c

macOS build:[2b33261].dmg
sha256: 3fa0d2a5cc851f93f397532656145a936398b38458202ccfd0904a025c2ffd3b

GPU Binaries:
How to use build-in stratum for solo mining:

Github link:

Zano wallet

Zano build 1.0.38

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