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Proof-of-stake mining

Proof-of-stake mining or POS for short is typically implemented such that a random coin owner obtains the right to sign a new block. Zano POS implementation keeps miners in full anonymity and is as simple as a push of a button, literally.

Open Zano app, make sure the blockchain is synchronised and turn on Staking switch.

Proof-of-stake mining

You can observe your progress in the Staking tab of your staking wallet. The amount of earnings depends on the wallet balance. Note that funds, that participate in proof-of-stake will be locked. When you turn Staking off, balance will get unlocked right away. You can switch Staking on and off without any limitations.

Server mode POS mining

In some cases it would be convenient to do POS mining without application running. Here are steps to achieve it.

  1. Build Zano daemon (zanod executable) following instructions
  2. Navigate to Zano folder
  3. Start zanod daemon (service)
  4. Start wallet daemon in RPC mode
simplewallet --wallet-file <wallet file> --password <wallet password> --rpc-bind-port=<port of your choice, e.g. 11222> --do-pos-mining

Now this wallet participates in proof-of-stake mining.

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Proof-of-stake mining

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