Solo mining guide

Zano daemon features internal stratum-like server that can serve miner clients via ethProxy protocol. It works like very light and simple pool that mines to a single address.



4GB graphic card is required for GPU mining

To run a GPU miner with the internal Zano stratum server follow these steps:

  • build the daemon (zanod executable)
  • run the daemon with an activated stratum server
  • run GPU or CPU miner connected to the daemon

Once all started the miner should connect to the daemon and receive a job from it. Upon finding a solution, the miner should send it to the daemon and daemon should confirm the solution. Both can run on remote machines.

Windows quick guide

First, install Zano app, create Zano wallet and wait until blockchain synching is complete. When syncing is complete close the app.

In order to mine Zano must be started with activated stratum server. Open cmd console window and navigate to Zano folder (C:\Porgram Files\Zano by default):

cd C:\Program Files\Zano


zanod.exe --stratum --stratum-miner-address=<YOUR WALLET ADDRESS> --log-level=0 --stratum-bind-port=11555

Get the latest mining software for Windows. To make it simple, if you use Nvidia graphic card choose Cuda miner, for AMD go for OpenCL.

Open another cmd window and navigate to progminer folder. Run one of the following commands to start mining.

progminer-zano-opencl.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:11555

progminer-zano-cuda.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:11555

progminer-zano-cpu.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:11555