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Zano is completely private by default, making use of stealth addresses, ring signatures, and from the moment we perform our Zarcanum hardfork, also RingCT.


Our blockchain is protected by our custom hybrid PoW/PoS consensus algorithm, pairing the advantages of each process to create a highly secure platform. This makes the system less prone to double-spend attacks, improving overall security.


Achieving computational excellence with forward/backward compatibility, modular design, and an asynchronous core. This makes our blockchain scalable and ready to handle high volumes of traffic.


World’s first Proof of Stake scheme that enhances traditional PoS with untraceability and hidden amounts, revolutionising blockchain consensus.

Confidential Assets

Anyone can easily issue their own currencies and digital tokens on the Zano chain; assets secured by the same mechanisms that make Zano so much more secure than first-generation cryptocurrencies, namely hidden addresses, hidden amounts and IP obfuscation.

Ionic Swaps

An improvement on Atomic Swaps, innovating seamless cryptocurrency exchanges while preserving user privacy.

Marketplace API

Explore our dynamic API, facilitating a seamless integration into the marketplace ecosystem. This feature allows anyone to spin up their own decentralized marketplace.

Escrow Contracts

Our escrow service empowers users with customizable contracts in a trustless environment, secured by deposits to deter malfeasance.


Our implementation of Proof of Stake is as egalitarian as it can be. There is no minimum staking amount, so anyone can participate, contributing to our vision of having a highly decentralized ecosystem that anyone can use.


All Zano network users can create aliases, for example: @username. These aliases can be linked to a payment address, which makes our network more user friendly. In the long run, aliases will be used in a dedicated messenger, a user reputation service, and an alias-based authentication system.

Auditable wallets

Auditable wallets give people and organizations the option to create transparent wallets for situations where we would rather verify than trust.