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Research & Whitepapers

Zano Whitepaper (2019)
Original Zano whitepaper, describes general concepts used in project.

PoS Analysis and improvements proposal (2019)
With help of Maxwell Sanches we come up with more effective PoS model and upgraded the network, this document hold details of this research and improvement.

Auditable wallets in CryptoNote (2020)
This article explores several possible implementations of extending CryptoNote 2.0 with full-scale wallets auditing

Zarcanum: A Proof-of-Stake Scheme for Confidential Transactions with Hidden Amounts (2021)
Presenting a Proof-of-Stake mining scheme that does not reveal amounts and is compatible with ring confidential transactions. Paper also introduces an extension to the Bulletproofs+ protocol that allows range proofs on double-blinded commitments, with corresponding security statements.

Zano: confidential assets scheme (2022 - DRAFT)
Paper describes a practical way of implementing confidential assets (a.k.a. tokens) in Zano with unlimited decoy mixing capability and hidden amounts as an extension to the Ring Confidential Transactions scheme

Zano Tokenization Platform (2022)
Introducing a solution that allows users to issue tokens that work inside Zano
blockchain, which have the same properties as transactions with a native token—namely hidden amounts and hidden addresses, as well as auditable wallets

Additional research papers
The following papers represent research toward a novel logarithmic-sized linkable ring signature scheme.