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What is Zano

In today's digital landscape, where the value of privacy is ever-increasing, Zano stands out by offering a dedicated platform focused on confidentiality and security. As an open-source cryptocurrency and ecosystem, Zano blends enterprise-grade privacy with top-tier security and scalability. Crafted for mass adoption, Zano is not just another name in the blockchain space but a robust foundation for the next generation of confidential assets and decentralized applications.

Privacy Pioneers: Originating from the Cryptonote protocol, Zano is its advanced evolution, emphasizing unparalleled privacy.

Hybrid PoW/PoS Consensus: By uniting the strengths of both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake processes, Zano delivers enhanced security, curbing double-spend vulnerabilities.

Core Performance: Zano's asynchronous core is a testament to computational efficiency, ensuring forward/backward compatibility and a modular approach ready for the crypto realm's challenges.

Zarcanum: A hallmark of Zano, introducing the world's first hidden amounts Proof of Stake scheme, shaping a novel benchmark in blockchain consensus.

Confidential Assets: Beyond the Zano coin, our platform enables tokens that carry the weight of complete privacy, mirroring all the functionalities of the Zano coin itself.

Ionic Swaps: In Zano's ecosystem, users can smoothly switch between different crypto assets, all while maintaining the essence of privacy.

Additionally, with features like the dynamic Marketplace API, adaptable Escrow/P2P Contracts, and an array of projects nurtured on Zano's foundation, our platform offers diverse opportunities for developers, traders, and all who value privacy in the digital age.

Discover Zano, where digital privacy isn't just an idea but a tangible reality.