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Exchange FAQ

Frequently asked questions for exchanges and services

Why don't you compile your code and just send binaries to us?

Our project is open source and we believe this would be insecurity in its extreme form.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

We got "internal compiler error: Killed"

You ran out of RAM. Try to limit make job slots by specifying make -j 1

We got compiler/linker error mentioning Boost

Make sure you have built the recommended version of Boost manually (via ./, ./b2). Please refer to our github page for reference.

Wallet RPC is not working. We got "Core is busy" in logs/responses

Make sure the daemon is synchronized with the network. It may take up to few hours when running for the fist time. When it synchronized you'll stop seeing yellow "sync progress" messages in daemon logs.

How to validate an address?

To validate an address you can use split_integrated_address. It also works with standard addresses (non integrated one)

How to get all integrated addresses on a wallet?

A wallet does not store all integrated addresses, thus it is impossible. Integrated address is just your wallet address PLUS encoded hex payment id you provided packed together. As you can provide ANY payment id you could imagine, you can generate unlimited number of integrated addresses for a wallet.

Can we use random payment id when generating integrated address for a user?

Yes, It is highly recommended to use randomly generated payment id's to identify each of your users.

What transaction fee should we specify in RPCs?

Minimum transaction fee is 0.01 ZANO.

What are "pub_keys" that we see in transaction output via explorer?

ach output in CryptoNote-like currency has it's own public key (i.e. one-time destination key) that cannot be linked with the address or other outputs. The owner of the output calculates the private key when he spends it. Please, refer to the CryptoNote whitepaper page 7 for details.

We got "Invalid params" RPC response

Make sure you pass amounts as integers not strings.

We can't see our own transfer when filtering by payment id with get_bulk_payments or get_payments RPC calls

Make sure you're not sending coins to yourself (from an address to the very same address). Coins which were sent that way will safely reach their destination (and the balances will be correct) but such a transfer won't be seen when you filer transfers by payment id via get_bulk_payments or get_payments.