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Integration Guide


An overview of Zano integration process, highlighting its features and relevance for your platform.

Basic Information

Setting Up a Node

  • Node Installation: Building and installation guide for node here.
  • Running in RPC mode: Instruction available here
  • Disk Requirements: Minimum of 500GB disk space.
  • Blockchain Data: Latest snapshot automatically downloaded upon building the latest commit. More details here.

Blockchain Characteristics

  • Block Generation: Target interval of one minute.
  • Decimals: 12 decimal places.

API Integration

  • Public API Endpoint: Zano Explorer API
  • Account and Transaction Management:
    • Integrated Addresses: Guide
    • Creating Wallet: Detailed instructions here
    • RPC/SDK Documentation: Available here

Detailed API Instructions

General Operations

  • Retrieving Blockchain Height: Use get_wallet_info API for the current blockchain height.
  • Checking Wallet Balance: Total wallet balance available via getbalance API.

Address Management

  • Handling User Accounts: In Zano, custody is managed through one wallet with different accounts inside it, using payment IDs. For each user, generate data up to 128 bytes (8 bytes recommended) and link it to the user.
  • Creating Integrated Addresses: Use the make_integrated_address API to generate an integrated address that contains the encoded payment_id, serving as the user's deposit address.
  • Retrieving Transfer History: For multiple payment IDs, use the get_bulk_payments API. For single payment_id history, use get_payments.

Transaction Details

  • Transaction Lookup: Use search_for_transactions and get_recent_txs_and_info for transaction details.
  • Transaction Legitimacy: Avoid accepting locked funds; never set "allow_locked_transactions" to true. This is crucial for preventing fraudulent recharge attempts.
  • Transaction Execution: Steps detailed here.
  • Offline Transaction Signing Refere to the guide here

Wallet Management

  • Backup and Recovery: Use seed phrases for backup; restore instructions here.
  • Official Wallet Downloads: Zano Downloads.

Additional Technical Details

  • Consensus Mechanism: Hybrid PoW/PoS mechanism.
  • Transaction Expiry: Transactions expire after 345600 seconds (4 days).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For additional queries related to integration, transaction handling, and node configuration, refer to our comprehensive FAQ section.

Additional Notes

Ensure that your implementation adheres to the guidelines provided in the Zano documentation. Regularly check for updates or changes in the API endpoints and their usage. In case of any ambiguities or specific issues, reach out to the Zano development team or community for support.

This detailed guide provides a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps and considerations for integrating Zano's API into your platform. It's advisable to frequently consult the official Zano documentation to stay updated with any changes or new features.